Tuesday 27 November 2012

About TPBF Logo Beads

What are logo beads? It is simple actually… Logo beads are beads that carry logo (or any other personal-custom made artwork) on them, usually they are developed on the disc shaped beads (i.e. “Printed Beads”); we offer a big variety of sizes in order to answer any requirement and adapt to the specific needs of each request… the sizes are: 25 mm, 21 mm, 18 mm, 14 mm and 8 mm for disc shaped beads. The logo beads are not just limited to disc shaped beads, they can also be printed on cube beads, oval shaped beads and rectangle shaped beads.

Over the years we made a lot of logos for big international companies as well as small ones too. We also specialize in making custom made beads, so if you have your own artwork which you wish to print on the beads and this way have your own brand of beads… we are the right supplier for you.

There are a lot of ideas and applications to place on the beads: starting with company’s logo, sport teams symbols, specific publicity campaigns and political campaigns, well known cartoon figures, fund raising events related artwork and so many more.

Please contact with any requirement you have, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise and even if you are a private person… we are flexible and we will adapt to your needs and requirements.

Kindly visit our e-store at: www.ThePeruvianBeadFactory.com, we look forward seeing you there or contact if you have any questions about this post to sales@inkabeads.com

Friday 16 November 2012

How Our Peruvian Ceramic Beads Are Made…. Part 2

This week we continue the explanation on how our ceramic beads in The Peruvian Bead Factory are made, concentrating on the remaining four techniques:

·         Hand painted beads: The basic of this technique is that these beads are painted one by one by hand, each color separately, using a brush. The stages here are different than the other mentioned techniques (from last week posting) because the painting stage is actually being done before glazing the beads, so after the first firing of the clay, the beads are painted by hand with a brush, then fired again in a low temperature just to assure the applied pigments are dry and will not run over the bead when the glaze is applied, then a transparent glaze is applied and the beads enter to the third and last firing cycle. You could say they are fired only twice or twice and a half since the middle firing is fast and in a relatively very low temperature.

Here are two links to categories that are the essence of beads that are hand painted, the popular Peruvian traditional beads: WWW.THEPBFACTORY.COM/hand_made_beads_geometric_type.html and the always popular sport beads: WWW.THEPBFACTORY.COM/sport_beads.html

·         Clay painted beads: A technique that is commonly applied with some of the Animal Shaped Beads, once the clay is fired the beads are being painted with paints that do not require firing so the pieces dry in the air and the process is complete. Models that are developed with this technique are: The Medium bear, The Gorilla and The Chimpanzee.

·         Glazed painted beads: A technique that is very similar to the process of the hand painted bead, only that two stages were combined into one, so instead of applying the different pigments first and then apply the glaze, the application is of a colored glaze which is a mixture of the pigment with a transparent glaze. The technique is commonly used in our multi color shaped beads and also in our animal shaped beads, here are three specific items that are developed using this technique: VW Blue Car, Asst. color Flower and The Medium size Zebra animal bead.

·         Combined painting beads: This technique combines two of the above mentioned techniques: the Hand Painted Beads technique and the Clay Painted Beads technique. The first stages of the process are the same as for the hand painted only that the colored glazes are applied only on a few parts of the bead, then the beads are fired and still has parts of exposed white clay which is then painted with paints that dry in the air – ones that are not fired. There are many Animal Shaped Beads that are developed with the combined painting technique and here are two examples of items made this way:

So as you could read from this note and last week’s post - making ceramic beads can be a pretty complex process and there are many different ways to make them … each technique has its uniqueness and some advantages as well as some flaws… 

The Peruvian Bead Factory

Kindly visit our e-store at: www.ThePeruvianBeadFactory.com, we look forward seeing you there or contact if you have any questions about this post.

Sunday 11 November 2012

How our Peruvian ceramic beads are made…. Part 1

There are at least 7 different techniques that we use to make the different ceramic beads we offer in The Peruvian Bead Factory – www.ThePeruvianBeadFactory.com, the different techniques require the use of different materials applied in different preparation stages. What all the techniques have in common is the first stage which is the first firing of the clay (usually white clay). In this post we will concentrate in three techniques and will give links examples so you can see the different outcome and the over all look of the beads when made with each specific technique:

·         Direct Silk printing beads: After the clay first firing the beads are glazed with white or colored glaze and then fired for the second time, the third stage is the printing of the artwork on the bead surface using a silk fabric and once the pigment are dry the beads are fired for the third time.  The three firing cycles guarantee that the beads will be hard and durable. We at The Peruvian Bead Factory print up to 7 colors over the same bead and we constantly do custom development according to client’s artwork. We also make logo printing for companies from around the globe. If you want your logo or any self-developed artwork printed on beads – we can do this task. The printing beads are usually printed on disc shaped beads and square beads, but could be printed on any bead that has a flat surface. As references for these beads in our e-store we advise you check the following links: 

o        Printed beads:              WWW.THEPBFACTORY.COM/ beads_printed_designs.html
o        Alphabet beads:            WWW.THEPBFACTORY.COM/alphabet_beads.html

·         Printed Sticker beads: These beads are similar in process to the direct silk printing beads, only that instead of direct printing we attach a made sticker to the beads. The sticker is made separately with a direct silk printing only that the printing is done on a special paper instead directly to the beads surface. The reason to use sticker and not direct printing is due to three main reasons:

o        The applying of sticker helps to obtain a more precise artwork, so wherever there is a delicate and detailed artwork, the use of sticker could get better outcome than direct printing.
o        Using sticker helps to save time in production when the artwork has several colors since each color is printed separately, one after the other.
o        Sticker is used on beads that do not have flat surface, where a direct printing simply cannot be applied.

As references to beads that are sticker made – kindly check the next links:

·         Glazed bead: These are “two stages” beads, they have a shorter process than any other technique, it supports bulk production being relatively faster to make, after the clay has been fired (first stage) they go to the second stage where they are submerged in colored glaze – the beads are then fired for the second time which is the last stage. Go to the next category (click the link) to see these beads… Solid Color Shaped Beads
Next week we will relate to the remaining four techniques.

Kindly visit our e-store at: www.ThePeruvianBeadFactory.com, we look forward seeing you or feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this post.

Friday 9 November 2012

Design Funky Jewelry with Fascinating Beads

I’m a housewife and passionate to design homemade decorative fixture, items and artistic pieces. I’ve designed lots of decorative items to adorn my home. Even for gift items, I prefer to design and make by my own rather than buying from a gift store. I love the decorative pieces and jewelleries, designed with pearls, stones and beadworks. Earlier, I used to buy these decorative items from a local store near my home. However, most of the time, I did not get what I actually want for decoration. Once, I found The Peruvian Bead Factory site while surfing and go through the amazing beads collection. Professionals offer alphabet ceramic bead, printed bead, hand painted bead, sport shape bead, solid color bead, multicolor bead and other natural bead range at competitive rates. 

beads of Peru
I use beads of Peru to design fascinating jewellery such as bracelet, anklet, necklace, pendant and others. You can design strap of purse & mobile bag, curtain, table cover, keyring and other items with beads. My friend’s birthday is about to come and I’ve made a lovely bead bracelet for her. These jewellery looks truly catchy in all the occasions right from formal get together to even ceremonies. It gives you a funky and chic look with your all favorite outfits. Beads with logo is a great promotion tool, provide maximum visibility to company’s brand. In fact, I’ve designed a logo bead accessory for my neighbor’s company.  I only prefer this firm to buy beads, as they offer quality products at discounted rate. Moreover, I get vast product diversity at a single roof.        

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Make Your Own Style Statement with the Funky Beads of Peru

I love to wear jewels having unconventional look. It was my driving force behind my quest to become a jewelry designer. Though, I was a jewel maker, but seriously I was not eager to move in the profession of goldsmith. My ideas were different, but I was not getting a suitable platform to execute them.

I heard somewhere, about the “The Peruvian Bead Factory” and visited the website of this company. I got what I was looking for, they offer beads made of ceramic. I placed order for the colorful beads and started making jewelry for the present generation girls. The jewels crafted by me looked perfect on girl clad in jeans. They supply beads from Peru and these beads are painted in eye catching color of red, blue and black. Some beads also carry alphabets and I fashioned those alphabetical letters in keen order and created a chain for the wrist of young boys and girls.

They have complete range of material. When I got positive response for my product from the market, I decided to further expand my business. They have animated beads and I kneaded them in a sequence to give a cute structure of show piece.  

I am earning well by the beads Peru services. I thought to share my personal experience to general mass through my blog.