Wednesday 7 November 2012

Make Your Own Style Statement with the Funky Beads of Peru

I love to wear jewels having unconventional look. It was my driving force behind my quest to become a jewelry designer. Though, I was a jewel maker, but seriously I was not eager to move in the profession of goldsmith. My ideas were different, but I was not getting a suitable platform to execute them.

I heard somewhere, about the “The Peruvian Bead Factory” and visited the website of this company. I got what I was looking for, they offer beads made of ceramic. I placed order for the colorful beads and started making jewelry for the present generation girls. The jewels crafted by me looked perfect on girl clad in jeans. They supply beads from Peru and these beads are painted in eye catching color of red, blue and black. Some beads also carry alphabets and I fashioned those alphabetical letters in keen order and created a chain for the wrist of young boys and girls.

They have complete range of material. When I got positive response for my product from the market, I decided to further expand my business. They have animated beads and I kneaded them in a sequence to give a cute structure of show piece.  

I am earning well by the beads Peru services. I thought to share my personal experience to general mass through my blog.  

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