Monday 29 October 2012

A Little about the Peruvian ceramic beads industry….

Peruvian ceramic beads have a great tradition; they are made for decades to this day… the art started in the late 80’s and early 90’s when Peru economic situation was uncertain due to terrorist movement turmoil of the MRTA and The Shining Path which destabilized the country with terror violence.

The art of ceramic creation in the region lays back hundreds and hundreds of years ago from ancient civilizations in Peru like the Chavin, Moche, Chimu and of course the Incan empire. We at The Peruvian Bead Factory believe that the creativity and skills of today’s Peruvian ceramic artisans are direct heritance of the ancient past.

The late 90’s and early 2000’s were the gold period of the local ceramic beads industry, political and economic situation was stabilized and along with that the strong foreign currency gave an ideal conditions for this small industry to flourish… The city of Cusco and the village of Pisac (near Cusco city itself) were the center of this industry.

Nowadays the ceramic beads industry is suffering and is struggling to survive… the economical advance and growth of Peru economy during the last decade did not do well with the industry which relies fully on foreign purchases. Devaluated foreign currency and increasing competition from the far east, especially China and India, have decreased the demand, along with increase of local prices such as terrain and wages made the industry become very vulnerable and so the local artisans in look for different source of income find them in other local activities like commerce, construction, mining and tourism, sectors that are in constant growth that require more and more workers.

The Peruvian Bead Factory looks to preserve this fine art of Peruvian ceramic beads making and this is why we have launched our virtual store – seeking new customers and new markets.

The Peruvian Bead Factory

Kindly visit our e-store at:, we look forward seeing you.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Stunning Protagonist of Fashion

Nowadays, beads are highly demanded by designers and craftsman to define the new trend to the entire world. With increasing craze of beads in fashion industry, jewelry industry also trying their hands in beads and create several marvelous jewelry pieces that attract youngsters. Bead accessories are an integral part of youngster’s wardrobe these days. With the rapid flow of changing fashion, I am also flowing with that flow and come across “The Peruvian Bead Factory”. 

Bead and beading is spread like a serious disease in the jewelry industry and caught the imagination of modern jewelers. Their user-friendly website caught my attention as they provide various shapes and sizes of beads that help you to customize your accessory using your own creativity and imagination.  Trust me; this will give your inner satisfaction as you may design the accessory, which you are longing for a long time. From animal shaped beads to Greek letter beads, you will get all in their store at a very competitive price. 

Moreover, you can purchase animal beads to create attractive and stunning accessory or decorative piece for kids as well. They deliver various popular types of shapes, including frog, spider, turtle, butterfly, buffalo, cat, owl, ice bear, elephant and penguin. This need a little bit of skillfulness, patience and imagination to create the unique accessory for you teenagers as well as you can gift it to their friends to make them feel special. Mark my words, with your imagination and creative work your ward will feel special and all their animal beads are safe and user-friendly.

Friday 12 October 2012

Modish Ceramic Bead Jewellery to Adorn You

No deny that fashionable jewellery plays a nice role in our life, especially for women. The fashion market has also given us various DIY jewellery items for customers, who love chic accessories. I was very passionate about designing of home-made jewellery and I tried for this several time. However, I wasn’t getting succeeded as the raw material and accessories aren’t friendly enough to work with. I lost mega bucks also that I’d spent in purchasing the raw jewellery material. What I soon realized that I should go with Peru ceramic beads jewellery manufacturing and I gave order at The Peruvian Bead Factory. The beads are quite friendly for designing, while create appealing and elegant jewellery that is loved by my customers. Within just a few months, I got a huge increase in my customer base and their love inspires me to design more creative and surplus jewelleries.  

A month ago, some people also told me about another service provider for getting these ceramic beads.  I bought some samples and it was truly worthless for me. The beads didn’t have the precise cutting, clarity and fishing, so how it will create shining jewellery. So, I just prefer The Peruvian Bead Factory product and services. It use ceramic animal beads for designing trendy and chic jewellery that look sensuous will all attires and occasions. Don’t think that it is just for making ornaments, but you can also utilize it for creating other beautiful items for decoration such as window curtain, watch chain, wind chime and more. I also purchased a bead package for my child, so that he can play with his imagination while designing wonderful items. Peruvian animal beads are exotically beautiful and doesn’t lose its brilliance and grace for longer time.         

Express Your Own Style with Trendy Peruvian Beads

Fashion changes with every moment and among all beads and its trendy jewelries are in higher demand among the people these days. I also love colorful beads and always view in movies the actors who wear the amazing jewelries. I too desired to wear the jewelry of these colorful beads but could not find out these in my local shops. Then I came across with ‘The Peruvian Beads Factory’ and got the jewelries and other accessories from them. 

Beads from Peru
Till now I am one of the valuable customers of this leading company and would like to be always. If you are also looking for these stunning beads and want to use it for anything, this company is here to offer you the most beautiful and different designs Beads from Peru. I would surely like to share my views with all of you about this company as I really found this company too good with my personal experience. You can view the complete variety of beads that is available with them at very reasonable prices. 

Whether you are looking for sporty Basketball beads, natural beads, Raku Beads and Pendants, Multi colored shaped beads, or Solid colored, and among the entire collection, the one which I found most fascinating and exciting is Animal bead. Therefore, beads cannot be just used for jewelries, but you can get many amazing stuff which can also be used for decoration at your home!