Monday 3 December 2012

A few words about Sport Beads and what can be done with them?

Sport beads have gained a lot of popularity in the last years, today one can find them made from many materials, we in TPBF started making them (ceramic made) more than a decade ago… we were probably one of the first in the world (definitely first in Peru) to develop beads that are shaped as sport themes, such as: Football (soccer), Baseball, Basketball, American Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, 8 ball and more… We offer the sport beads in three sizes and accordingly is the use that can be done with them… normally the small size is used for earrings and other light weight jewelry, the large ones are more suited to big jewelry pieces and the medium is for anything in between… the main attraction for the sport beads is that they are a terrific tool to create jewelry to support your team, you are suggested to combine them with our alphabet beads to create your favorite cheering slogan and add to that your team colors from our one color solid beads (soon available in our virtual store) and then you get to have a unique homemade support your team jewelry, what better way than show your love and support to your team wearing a piece you designed and created yourself?! 

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