Friday 9 November 2012

Design Funky Jewelry with Fascinating Beads

I’m a housewife and passionate to design homemade decorative fixture, items and artistic pieces. I’ve designed lots of decorative items to adorn my home. Even for gift items, I prefer to design and make by my own rather than buying from a gift store. I love the decorative pieces and jewelleries, designed with pearls, stones and beadworks. Earlier, I used to buy these decorative items from a local store near my home. However, most of the time, I did not get what I actually want for decoration. Once, I found The Peruvian Bead Factory site while surfing and go through the amazing beads collection. Professionals offer alphabet ceramic bead, printed bead, hand painted bead, sport shape bead, solid color bead, multicolor bead and other natural bead range at competitive rates. 

beads of Peru
I use beads of Peru to design fascinating jewellery such as bracelet, anklet, necklace, pendant and others. You can design strap of purse & mobile bag, curtain, table cover, keyring and other items with beads. My friend’s birthday is about to come and I’ve made a lovely bead bracelet for her. These jewellery looks truly catchy in all the occasions right from formal get together to even ceremonies. It gives you a funky and chic look with your all favorite outfits. Beads with logo is a great promotion tool, provide maximum visibility to company’s brand. In fact, I’ve designed a logo bead accessory for my neighbor’s company.  I only prefer this firm to buy beads, as they offer quality products at discounted rate. Moreover, I get vast product diversity at a single roof.        

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