Tuesday 27 November 2012

About TPBF Logo Beads

What are logo beads? It is simple actually… Logo beads are beads that carry logo (or any other personal-custom made artwork) on them, usually they are developed on the disc shaped beads (i.e. “Printed Beads”); we offer a big variety of sizes in order to answer any requirement and adapt to the specific needs of each request… the sizes are: 25 mm, 21 mm, 18 mm, 14 mm and 8 mm for disc shaped beads. The logo beads are not just limited to disc shaped beads, they can also be printed on cube beads, oval shaped beads and rectangle shaped beads.

Over the years we made a lot of logos for big international companies as well as small ones too. We also specialize in making custom made beads, so if you have your own artwork which you wish to print on the beads and this way have your own brand of beads… we are the right supplier for you.

There are a lot of ideas and applications to place on the beads: starting with company’s logo, sport teams symbols, specific publicity campaigns and political campaigns, well known cartoon figures, fund raising events related artwork and so many more.

Please contact with any requirement you have, whether you are a small business or a large enterprise and even if you are a private person… we are flexible and we will adapt to your needs and requirements.

Kindly visit our e-store at: www.ThePeruvianBeadFactory.com, we look forward seeing you there or contact if you have any questions about this post to sales@inkabeads.com

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