Tuesday 5 February 2013

About our ceramic pendants

In our virtual store www.ThePeruvianBeadFactory.com you can find a whole section of ceramic pendants, these are focal pieces to use as a center piece in a necklace. They are unique! They are gorgeous!  They are made from very interesting forms and shapes! They combine lovely colors! So we are sure any jewelry maker will find them very useful to combine in his work.

There is a good variety of different pendants, and these are:

1). Chacana shape – The “chacana” is the Andean Star, a motif that belongs to ancient civilization in Peru like the Inca. This pendant shape is very unique! And although intended for pendant, we even saw one client – a very talented jewelry designer – using the pendants to make earrings!    WWW.THEPBFACTORY.COM/donut_pendant.html

2). Donut shape – the classic donut shape pendant is perhaps the most known ceramic made pendant in Peru.    WWW.THEPBFACTORY.COM/inca_pendant.html

3). Animal designs – animals are always a good theme, and in pendants they do not fall short… we have two different types, and here is a link to each one:

As always, the minimum order quantity is only 1 bag per item-model, no restriction as per total order amount… and each bag of pendants contains 6 units. 

Kindly visit our e-store at: www.ThePeruvianBeadFactory.com, we look forward seeing you there or contact us if you have any questions about this post to sales@inkabeads.com

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